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slide show of Street Smarts Marin messages

Safe Driving Pledge Campaign

The Campaign encourages residents to sign a pledge to drive safely, courteously, and within the posted speed limit on our streets and to display the “Safe Driving Pledge” decal on their vehicle. For more information and to help spread the word, see Pledge.

Safety Flyers

Street Smarts Marin safety flyers provide pedestrian, bicyclist, and driver safety tips. They are available to view and download under Resources.

Safety Posters

Posters conveying safety messages in a lighthearted way are available to display in places like shop windows, workplaces, and community and school bulletin boards. To view or download, see Resources.


The Safe Driving brochures address driving safely, especially wherever children are present, and teaching children safe pedestrian habits and pedestrian behaviors in school zones. They are available from participating jurisdictions. For downloadable versions, see Resources.


Education Programs

Street Smarts Marin is a public education campaign designed to change driver, pedestrian, and bicyclist behaviors in order to make streets safer and friendlier. The program works on many levels using outdoor media, brochures, posters, and other community outreach tools.

Street Smarts Marin educational programs and resources include:

Outdoor Media Campaign

The centerpiece of Marin’s Street Smarts program, the outdoor media campaign employs banners and signs with educational messages that are deployed at “hotspots,” the locations where traffic problems occur most frequently. See Outdoor Media for more details.

Community Traffic Safety Presentation Kits

The Get Street Smart! Did You Know? traffic safety presentation and other materials are available for community representatives, businesses, homeowners associations, and other organizations for their use at community gatherings. For more information on what a kit can include, see Presentation.

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