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Did You Know? Motor vehicle crash stat.

Did you know? Distracted driving stat.

Community Traffic Safety Presentation Kits

The Get Street Smart! Did You Know? presentation kit is available for use by community representatives, businesses, homeowners associations and other organizations. The purpose of the kit is to help you raise awareness, change attitudes, and improve driving, pedestrian, and bicycling behaviors in your community.

To put together a presentation kit for your organization, download the following materials:

  • The Get Street Smart! Did You Know? presentation, which includes educational information about the top five behaviors specific to Marin County and the related Street Smarts educational messages.
    View or download a copy of Get Street Smart! Did you Know?
  • The distracted driver quiz: Mind the Road. Mind your Mind.
  • The Street Smarts Road Test questionnaire
  • Safe Driving brochures
  • Safety Tips sheets for Pedestrians, Drivers and Cyclists
  • Lawn signs for neighborhoods that present the program

All materials, with the exception of lawn signs, are also listed on the Resources page.

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