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Take the Pledge

Read the Safe Driving Pledge below, fill out the online form and submit it. The Safe Driving Pledge decal will be mailed to you to be displayed on the rear window of your vehicle. Please allow 3–4 weeks for the decal to arrive.


  1. I will drive within the posted speed limit or slower depending on current conditions.
  2. I will plan to leave early enough so I don't have to rush to be on time.
  3. I will not give in to the impatience of others to drive above the speed limit.
  4. I will only talk on my phone while driving when the call is urgent and the call is hands-free.
  5. I will not text or use any other handheld devices when driving.
  6. I will treat people who are walking and bicycling with respect and share the road safely with them.
  7. I will display the Safe Driving Pledge decal on my vehicle and encourage others to take this pledge.

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Safe Driving Pledge Form

In order to receive a decal, all fields must be filled before submitting the form.
(Marin County addresses only.)

Please read the privacy policy.



Safe Driving Pledge Campaign

The Safe Driving Pledge Campaign encourages residents to drive safely while spreading the message about this program.

StreetSmarts Marin Pledge decal

How does it work?

The concept is simple! Interested Marin County residents pledge to drive safely and courteously on our streets. In turn, they receive the official “Safe Driving Pledge” static cling decal to display on the rear window of their vehicles.

The Purpose of the Campaign

The purpose of the Pledge campaign is to raise awareness and encourage motorists to:

  • Drive within the legal speed limit on neighborhood streets.
  • Share the road with pedestrians and bicyclists, be courteous, and drive safely.
  • Reduce cell phone use to urgent calls only and always hands-free. Never text, use the internet, or use any other handheld devices while driving.

The Safe Driving Pledge decal shows other drivers that you, as a resident, are taking part in a community-based effort to promote safer and friendlier neighborhood streets.

Promote the Safe Driving Pledge

Schools, businesses, homeowners’ associations, community centers, libraries, and organizations are all invited to promote the program with these easy-to-use tools:

Benefits for Drivers and the Community

Read more about the benefits of the Pledge Campaign, as well as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Other Resources from
Street Smarts Marin

This website offers the community valuable education and resource tools in the ongoing campaign to improve driver, pedestrian, and bicyclist behaviors. Please take a moment to explore the website to learn more about these resources.

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